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Travel and adventure taking, memory and home making, parenting and play shaking, never faking, tales of family life.

Win a Car CLOSED

When I read the email from British Gas about this competition I actually thought I had won a car too. So sorry to repeat the cruel trick, but now I have your attention how about winning a lovely Christmas present for a child, or the child at heart in your life? Even better this car needs no batteries and teaches children all about sustainable energy. I have 5 Solar powered Go Go cars to give away.

Easy to assemble, this amazing car works from natural sunlight and can move backwards and forwards just like a regular toy car.

Don’t worry if the sun isn’t out, playtime can still continue. Simply connect the handle generator to use the car when the clouds appear.

This giveaway comes courtesy of British Gas, in celebration of the Future Car Challenge 2012 which took place last week and provided spectators with a fantastic line-up of Electric Vehicles, celebrity drivers and insights into the future of the EV industry.

I was a fairly early adopter to the Toyota Prius, a hybrid car that used a combination of electric and petrol sadly it had to be replaced when we needed something that could tow a caravan, but I miss it hugely, it was so quiet, easy to drive and used hardly any petrol.

British Gas provide charging solutions for many leading EV manufacturers, Nissan, Renault, Hitachi Capital, Toyota and Vauxhall. British Gas’ role at the FCC was to charge up six different electric cars, each being driven by a different celebrity or influencer ‘racing’ from Brighton, to the finish in London.

I enjoyed this video of the Future Car Challenge too, for the shots of my old stomping ground Brighton, but also for the goal of normalising people’s perceptions of electric cars.  One day plugging in your car will be as normal as plugging in your mobile phone. I’d like to have seen some female EV ambassadors.

How to Enter Competition CLOSED

British Gas have 5 solar powered GO GO cars to offer to Alexander Residence readers.

Just leave a comment telling me why you, or your lucky prize recipient, are the ‘best driver’, and subscribe to the Alexander Residence by reader, or by email.

Enter your email address: Delivered by FeedBurner

Up to 3 extra entries for each of the following, but please remember to add an extra comment for each one you have done.

  • Like Alexander Residence on facebook
  • Follow @Aresidence on Twitter.
  • Tweet something like:  I’ve entered to win a car with British Gas and @Aresidence http://wp.me/p2d61f-1O5
Terms and Conditions
  • Four entries maximum per person
  • Entrants need to use a separate comment for each entry
  • The winners will be selected at random.
  • The prizes will be supplied by British Gas and are non refundable and non exchangeable.
  • Closing date Midday Sunday 25th November 2012.
  • Winners will be notified by email and have 7 days to respond, after which time a redraw will take place.

71 thoughts on “Win a Car CLOSED

  1. Kerry Bratt

    I am the best driver because….I have followed direction supplied by Mrs A residence and lived to tell the tale…..she is hopeless at directions blog readers!

  2. Di Mayze

    My son would love this car and is the best driver in our house because he makes the best “vroom vroom crash” sound affects :-)

  3. domingo C

    - I”m god-father to toddler who is either destined for formula-one or driving some kind of heavy mechanical equipment, he hasn’t quite decided yet….think this would be right up his street, especially now they have a garden that isn’t colonised by chickens. Seems to be designed for outside, rugged, tough….the toy looks like that as well ………..!

  4. Claire Smith

    My husband is the best driver because he drives 120 miles each day on the M62 and M1 and boy do you have to have your wits about you to do that!

  5. anna

    i subscribed by email. im not a good driver unfortunately still not passed my test!! :( but think my boys will be great drivers when they are older considering how much they love cars, sure they would love this

  6. elaine stokes

    Im the best driver because my partner has had his license taken off of him, so no matter how bad i am, i will still be the best x x x x x x

  7. Mike Ambler

    I have read all the answers before and they are great
    I am the best driver between you, me and the garden gate
    Hamilton, Massa, Vettel and Button Ha
    My Escort maybe no formula one car
    But thirty years driving and still no points to show
    Although it is easier in the back seat you know!

  8. Lisa Charman

    I am the best driver as I haven’t had a bump or accident in over 20 years of driving. When I renewed my car insurance last week even the insurance broker on the phone said ‘Wow! Good little driver aren’t you’ :-)

  9. Dot

    My son definitely thinks he is the best driver. Last week he told me the best way to reverse park is for him to sit in the driving seat and for me to sit in the boot.
    There are days when I understand why animals eat their young at birth.
    P.S. My four year old grandson would love this prize, he is car mad.

  10. Nick Hopkins

    I am the best driver because on the 1,367 occasions that I have had a crash I have always left my insurance details.

  11. Hannah Bartram

    My husband is the best driver as he has been driving for longer than I have and is very confident. He knows what to do in any situation and is fab at Parallel parking (unlike myself). Have subscribed by email. :)

  12. James Seale

    I would give this to my son, he will be soon learning to drive but in the meantime he could have lots of fun with this.

  13. sue willshee

    If I won I would give the car to Daisy who may be only 2 but is already a backseat driver.

    when we sit at traffic lights she shouts ‘Stop’ as the lights go amber then red and as soon as they go red & amber she says ‘ready’ and shouts Go, go, go’ when green arrives!

    Not only this but she gets hold of Daddy’s phone and plays a driving game by turning the phone from side to side. So I think I should encourage her driving talents because in a few years time she could be the first female F1 driver and I might be able to retire and follow her around the world from Grand Prix to Grand Prix :-)

  14. Lou Taylor

    I’m the best driver in our house by virtue of my gear changes not nearly putting passengers through the windscreen.


    My daughter believes I am the best driver as I talk her through how I am driving but I always put the emphasis on being careful. When the car is parked she plays with the car putting it all into use. The car would be brilliant as we could get her used to it and get her driving like Lewis Hamilton on the tracks at the age of 5, if not before! She would adore it.

  16. Deanne Harrison

    my son who is 3 is the best driver he sits on a cushion saying beeeepp beeeppp brooommm broommmmm he would love this , and im sure his dad would love it just as much lol xx

  17. Ian Futcher

    Apparently a man I have never met before thinks I am a good driver as he passed me on the motorway he was clapping at me!! so thanks to him for his vote.


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